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IN EAR MONITORING is an indispensable part of equipment for all
professional musicians.

Due to the high quality of this solution, a lot of other professions and
users started using this solution.

In order for the IN EAR MONITORING system to function properly, it
requires a custom fit ear mould, which ensures the isolation of external
noise and provides a  snug earphone fit.

Anatomical earmould fits the shape of the user’s ear perfectly.

The design can be custom (an existing earphone is fitted to a custom
earmould) or full-custom (receiver is fitted into a hollow earmould).

Long term experience in earmould  production and usage of superior
otoplastic materials guarantee a high quality product based on global

Our clients are musicians, singers, actors, DJs, radio and TV hosts, field
journalists, private users (MP3, Bluetooth and other types of earphones),
telephone operators, security services, etc.

We also offer custom fit ear plugs (several levels of damping, in
accordance with the customer’s needs).